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The Venue

Oh ya! Rockin Roll

We thought music and dances would be fun, so we gathered our team to get the job done right. After talking to Bro Paul we were able to talk with his daughter who used to run the basement. Hazel was perfect for the job. She knew her weaknesses (sound) and we began to look for a sound guy. Within no time Hazel had found Nathan Decker which we added to our team to be the main guy. Sadly Nathan would not be able to do every show so we added Riyle as our back up sound guy. He brought a ton of exerience to the team.

When we had the team we set the opening date. Nathan and Riyle put together an equipment list for us and help in aquiring what we needed in the short time period. Hazel nailed down some bands for opening weekend we went for it.

Here are some of the bands we have had play so far!

The first venue was built out of straw bales some 2x4s and a large plastic sheet... It was geto to say the least but it got the job done. The inside didnt look as bad as the outside. The cielings were low and the bands could barely stand up while standing on the stage.

We knew if we wanted to have parties that we would have to raise the roofs and find a better solution. We purchased some more tents and rearranged the hay bales. We tied everything down for the crazy winds and threw the lights back up. It looks way better now.

This weekend we will have our first DJ and our a Taylor Swift night!

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