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The Synthetic Rink

Skating on plastic! Fake ice?

Its not cold all of the time! We knew we had to figure something out after getting quotes from several place for synthetic ice and ice chillers we knew we did not have many options. Skate Anytime synthetic ice was te cheapest option. Unfortualy, it came with a learning curve that we are still working on. The skate quality is fairly low but we were able to make several changes to improve the quality.

With the Rink we aslo found we needed someway to make the ground flat... In our contract we were not alloud to mess the dirt up so we decided to bring some in. We leveled it as best as we could with sand then laid the biggest tarp down that they sell locally. After laying the tarp down we laid the ice on top. Unfortually the san has bunched up in areas and caused random dips in the ice... (You live and your learn)

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