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Finding a Place / Bathrooms / Trash / Electricity!

Okay, lets hit the details... How did we find out that we could actually lease the drive in? It was not easy and we actually had to hunt some people down. They actually were not our first choice either... We started by looking for all of the empty lots in Rexburg. Using ONX we pinned each lot and found the names of the owners. One by one we looked their info up online and called them. Remarkably, we had about 6 rejections before talking to the drive in. A relator that now owns the Drive In let us know we should talk to the owners of the Teton Vu. I walked into the movie theater and got the number of the owners. It took about two weeks of texting and calling to get responses. We met in person at the drive in and the following month or so we began the negotiation. There was a lot to consider. The Drive In had no outlets on the outside or faucets. We would need to figure out power and water.... Thankfully we were able to negotiate the porta potties and trash into the contract.

Then we had to tackle the biggest problem... The power... we knew we wanted to go big and that meant a lot of power. This problem was a huge issue all of the way until opening week. We got power the day before we opened. We had to get 4 different people and their crews out to get the project done. It further complicated things because of how old the building was. When it was done it was a miracle. We owe a lot to Nephi's electric and specifically his son Teancum. We had to purchase SO cord about 250 feet and were able to borrow spider boxes from Teancum.

(the water is an ongoing issue)

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