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The Rink


Ice Skates

Does the price include skates?

Yes, rental skates are included in the price. 

Are you open when its not cold?

Yes, The Rink purchased a 30 by 60 foot synthetic ice rink. That means you can skate even when its not cold. 

What's synthetic ice?

Synthetic ice is almost a plastic material that can be skated on when its not cold. Hockey player use this to practice in their garages during the off season.  

How is the skating?

Synthetic ice is not as good as real ice. Although you can skate on it its not nearly as slippery as real ice. 

Is the venue included in the same ticket?

No, The music venue and ice skating have separate tickets.  

What does my ticket include?

Ice Skating: This includes, Axe throwing, Bow shooting, a S'mores kit, and skates! 

Music Venue: A pass to see all three bands and access to food trucks and the diner. 

What days are we open?

We are open Monday and Thursday through Saturday between 6pm and 11pm.

Can you rent us out?

Yes! Call us for more details!

Archery Bows
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